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Bed Bug Trap, Detector & Interceptor

Bed Bug traps and detectors are a monitoring tool. They will monitor and trap bed bugs before they climb up your furniture legs or when they leave the host furniture. Install these under every bed leg. The bed legs should rest in the centre of the detector, creating a bed bug barrier.
Not only will these allow you to know when you have any bed bug activity by catching them in the perimeter of the trap, but these traps are also the best defence from preventing bed bugs from accessing your bed or furniture once you have encased your mattress and heat-treated your linen. You can "Get Back To Dreaming" knowing these are in place.
Bed Bug Trap and Detector
  • Trap Design - The small machined external contours allow Bed Bugs to crawl into the deep moat around the traps perimeter easily. The smooth polished internal surface inside the trench makes it impossible for Bed Bugs to crawl back out once they have fallen in.
  • Guaranteed Detection - With sprays and other harmful products, you still suffer the risk of uncaught bugs crawling up onto your bed and biting you. With our specially designed traps, you can sleep easy, have the peace of mind that any bed bugs coming in your direction will get caught before they can reach you or your children.
  • Durable & Wide - This product is suitable to withstand 350kg. The low-profile design will fit under most standard furniture legs. Essential for hotels, motels, nursing homes, hostels and residence where bed bugs can show up without warning.
  • 4 Pack - Each package includes 4 traps to protect 4 bed legs. Some beds have more than 4 legs which need protection.
Black Bed Bug Trap
Black Bed Bug Trap Sizing
White Bed Bug Trap & Detector
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