Incontinence Mattress Protector

Be Secure With a Waterproof Incontinence Mattress Protector

We know incontinence is a sensitive topic. Thus, we want to secure you with our incontinence mattress protector. We make it easy to deal with the daily management of incontinence and help you move forward with the knowledge that your mattress will remain undamaged. We also offer waterproof pillow encasements with a modern membrane, offering you a smooth surface that is waterproof and stain resistant for problems such as bedbugs, dust mites and liquid spills.

Benefits of Incontinence Mattress Cover With Bed Bug Wholesale

You can stop worrying about incontinence when you sleep. Our mattress covers are easy to wash so you can forget about your problem. Several benefits come with our service:

  • Efficient customer service. We care about getting you our product as quickly, and in the friendliest manner possible, which is why we give you a positive experience as you shop online. We make sure to keep a warm personal touch when we communicate.
  • Bed Bug Wholesales’ mattress covers do not make unwelcome noise. Our incontinence protectors are not plastic sheets and don’t crinkle or make excessive noise, so sleep well and dream without any disturbances from the very sheets that should provide comfort.
  • Fast shipping. If you order before midnight, we will have the encasement delivered by 9 PM the next day because we want to be sure you’re secured. Our mattress covers are waterproof and priced below the market price for your convenience.

What You Can Expect From Bed Bug Wholesale Re an Incontinence Duvet Protector

The products we sell provide a level of quality that ensures your bedding remains clean and lasts longer, ensuring you have a well-deserved rest every night. We take pride in offering you the most cost-effective online supply. What you can expect from us:

  • Lower than market price products. We have focused our business on providing you with direct service and have cut out the go-between, this enables us to deliver a quality selection of products instead of a more extensive collection of low-quality products. Our incontinence duvet protectors are waterproof, kill dust mites and bedbugs, and are hypoallergenic.
  • Lab-tested products. Our products are thoroughly tested to make sure they work exactly as stated so that you can be sure you’re making the correct decision when purchasing. The duvet protector is tested by an independent third party to show that there is no bias involved in the testing process.
  • Ten-year warranty and 30 days return policy. We want to make sure you get the highest quality that we have to offer. That is why we offer a ten-year warranty to make sure you’re satisfied and receive precisely what you ordered.

About Bed Bug Wholesale

We are an Australian wholesaler that offers encasements for mattresses, pillows, and quilts. We also provide bedbug traps and detectors while we focus on delivering the very best in customer service. We know that conditions relating to allergies, bedbugs, incontinence and more can be a nuisance, so we make the purchasing process as simple and easy as we can.

Solve your issue and order yourself a mattress, pillow, or quilt encasement that will protect you from your problem.