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Our 2022 Product Range | Direct To The Public 

Products For Allergies | Dust Mites | Bed Bugs | Incontinence | Skin Conditions

Waterproof Mattress Cover | Protectors | Encasements

Fully Zippered Mattress Cover, Dust Mite Allergy

From $24.00

100% Cotton Mattress Covers | Encasements

100% Cotton Mattress Encasement For Allergy, Dust Mite, Asthma, Eczma

From $59.00

Waterproof Quilt Covers | Protectors | Encasements

Waterproof Quilt Cover, Allergy, Dust Mite, Bed Bug, Bed Wetting

From $80.00

100% Cotton Quilt Covers | Encasements

100% Cotton Quilt Cover for Allergy, Dust Mite, Bed Bugs, Fully ZIppered, Okeo Tex, Australian

From $90.00

Waterproof Pillow Cover | Protector | Encasement

Waterproof Pillow Cover and Encasement. Best Pillow Protector For Allergy, Dust Mite and Bed Bugs

From $15.00

100% Cotton Pillow Cover | Encasement

Best Pillow Cover Encasement for Allergy, Asthma, Dust Mite, Anti Asthma

 From $24.95

Quilt Grippers | Clamps

Quilt Gripper, Quilt Clamp, Duvet Clamp

From $19.95

Bed Bug Control | Removal | Monitoring 

BedBug Traps | Detectors

Bed Bug Traps, Detectors, DIY Bed Bug Removal

From $29

Dreamstate® | Australian Bed Bug Killing Powder

Bed Bug Killing Powder Dust

From $24.00

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About Our Business

 We are an Australian-owned specialist business operating since 2014 servicing both the B2B and online sales markets throughout Australia. Our goal is "to make allergy, incontinence & bed bug treatment easy and affordable". 

Our company is all about the customer, every customer wants a product that solves their problem, is worth their money and is delivered with outstanding customer service with the least amount of effort. Working through an allergy condition, bed bug problem or incontinence can be a costly and stressful period. We are here to assist you in making this journey as simple as possible.

Our philosophy. We believe that our best relationship is direct with you. By dealing directly with you, we cut out the middlemen and retailers who carry huge overheads and operating costs. How can we offer such great pricing? At Bed Bug Wholesale, we provide a high-quality product at excellent prices because our operation is lean and mean. We have enormous purchasing power and a niche product range. This allows us to have thousands of items in stock passing these savings onto you, our customer. 

 We run our business on four principals. 

1. Volume

2. Fast, next business day shipping 

3. No middlemen

4. The very best pricing on the best quality product & service

Want to learn more about our products and how they work? 

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A simple and effective way to maintain hygiene in the bedroom

How to maintain hygiene in the bedroom and not waste time and money? Meet the Bed Bug Wholesale range. Here you will find everything necessary - specialized waterproof bedding, pillowcases, mattress covers, and similar products for allergy sufferers. Thanks to them, you will never have to worry about cleanliness in the bedroom again!

We have the solutions to your problems

We know that frequent washing of bed linen and covers is very time-consuming. Also, materials exposed to regular dirt and washing deteriorate faster. This way, you lose more money.

Specialized products from Bed Bug Wholesale are the solution to your problem. We want to hear your story and choose products that answer your concerns. We make it easier for you to cope with allergies or the problem of urinary incontinence. Hygiene is essential in such situations. Thanks to us, you can ensure it.

Check out our offer!

How to fight allergens and get rid of dirt from the bedroom?

You will find various products in our assortment that perfectly cope with difficult situations.

  • Allergy bedding - 100% cotton covers for the mattress, duvets, and pillowcases
  • For incontinence problems and others - waterproof mattress covers, duvet covers, and pillows
  • Remedies for bed bugs - bed bug traps, effective powder for bed bugs
  • Accessories - quilt clamps and grippers

Our waterproof pillowcases and covers are perfect for dealing with spilled liquids, urine, or moisture. They are designed, so the smooth surface does not allow any liquid to pass through. All products are closed with a solid zipper.

Specialized bedding for allergy sufferers is the perfect solution for anyone who struggles with dust mites and dust. It is also great at dealing with pet dander. Our products are easy to put on and can be machine washed. Order now!

Bed bugs in the bedroom - what can You do?

Bed bugs appear suddenly and often go unnoticed for a long time. However, there are effective ways to get rid of them. Use our bedbug traps to get rid of unwanted guests and see the scale of the problem at the same time. In the fight against bed bugs, a specialist powder for bed bugs is also a great help. Order and get rid of bedbugs!

Fast delivery and excellent service

Order our specialized products and enjoy fast delivery - orders placed before midnight are processed by 9 am the next day. We also provide a 30-day quality guarantee and a 10-product guarantee. We serve retail and wholesale customers. Be sure to check the terms of free delivery!