Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner

Introducing the Vacumi VC3, a dry vac with a fine particle water filter, designed to remove the everything including the fine allergens particles from your floors, carpets, lounge or mattress before they become airborne and enter your respiratory system. The VC3 will provide relief for individuals suffering from asthma, dust mite allergies, eczema, rhinitis & sinus problems along with pet-dander related issues. 

Vacumi is an innovative allergy vacuum that harnesses the power of a 3 stage filter system, offering the best all round solution for your home, office or hotel. The VC3 excels at capturing not only common allergens (dust mite poop) & pet dander, but also dust, dirt and grime particles. This capability ensures a comprehensive clean that extends beyond typical vacuuming tasks. Any bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner is not capable of preventing a good portion of the 5-20 micron allergen particles from becoming airborne. With a traditional vacuum cleaner, the more you vacuum, the more you stir up the allergen particles making them airborne.   

By utilising water as its primary filtration method, the VC3 entraps all these unwelcome elements as small as 3 Microns, preventing any potential release through the 3 stage filter system, keeping the allergens out of your lungs. This natural, chemical-free approach is crucial for those concerned about the health and well-being of their family and themselves.

As the allergens, dirt, dust, and pet dander remnants are trapped effectively in the water tank, they are unable to escape or disperse within your home. Vacumi takes your indoor air quality to the next level with its 3 stage filtration system, guaranteeing that the air released into your home is 98% free from harmful particles. This advanced filtration process makes Vacumi the ultimate choice for any type of allergy or respiratory condition.

The VC3 boasts its ability to work as both a dry and a wet vac along with having a blower function. The unit is supplied with a range off accessories and attachments to suit every application. 

How Does The Vacumi Water Filter Vacuum Work? 

The Vacumi VC3 operates differently from traditional dry vacuum cleaners. Instead of relying solely on a disposable filter or bags to trap dirt and debris, the VC3 uses water as a primary filtration method. Here's how it works.

Suction: Like conventional vacuum cleaners, the Vacumi starts by creating suction. The 1400w stepless motor generates a powerful 19000pa of suction that efortlessly pulls in air, particles or debris from the floor or surface being cleaned.

Water Chamber: Instead of passing the incoming air and particles through a traditional filter or bag, the VC3 directs them into a water filter tank. This tank sits between the vacuum head (where dirt is picked up) and the 2nd stage foam filter. 

Water Filtration: As the incoming air and particles enter the water filter tank from below the water, the water acts as a fine grade natural filter. The water traps and captures the dirt, dust, allergens, and other debris suspended in the air. This process effectively separates the particles from the air. The filtration water can be changed simply and quickly at the end of each use.  

Separation of Particles: The heavy particles and debris, such as dirt and pet hair, quickly sink to the bottom of the water filter tank due to their weight. Lighter particles, like dust and allergens will remain suspended in the water. Water filtration is effective in removing 95% of all harmful particles and 98% of odors normally smelt from the exhaust air of traditional vacuum cleaners. 

HEPA Filtration: The VC3 includes an 2nd stage fine foam filter before entering the 3rd stage HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air). This further purifies the air by capturing any particles that may have passed through the water filtration, this ensuring that the air released back into the room is exceptionally clean. 

Clean Air Discharge: After passing through the water, foam and HEPA filtration, the cleaned and purified air is expelled from the vacuum cleaner's exhaust. The air released into your living space is free from the captured particles, allergens, and other contaminants.

Vacumi VC3 - Key Features

 Vacumi VC3 Advantages

1. Effective Filtration: The VC3 is highly efficient at trapping dust, dirt, allergens, and even larger particles like pet dander and bed bugs in the water filter tank. 

2. Improved Air Quality: The Vacumi VC3 will drastically improve indoor air quality by preventing particles from being released back into the air during vacuuming. All vacuums without water filtration (yes even those fitted with a HEPA filter) will do a good job of capturing the dirt and dust particles, however these units will release a good portion of the fine allergen particles back into the air and eventually into your respiroty system. 

3. No Need for Disposable Bags: You don't need to buy or replace disposable bags, reducing ongoing operational costs. Simple empty the water tank once you have finished vacuuming. 

4. Versatility: The VC3 can also be used as a wet vacuums for cleaning up liquid spills. The unit also has a blower function to dry wet areas or blow away debris.

5. Allergen and Odor Control: The water filtration process helps capture allergens and drastically reduces pet odors found in most vacuums. 

Vacumi VC3 Dust Mite Allergen Vacuum Features

  • 500mm Tall - 320mm wide - 360mm Deep. 
  • 9kg Empty
  • 1400w Variable Speed Stepless Motor
  • 19000pa Suction Power
  • 15L Tank Capacity
  • 10m Cable Length
  • 75db Low Noise
  • Wet and Dry Vac
  • Has a Blower Feature
  • A Washable 2nd Stage Foam and 3rd Stage Hepa Filter, 
  • Over ~95% of all Allergens are Filtered out in the water tank.  The following ~3% is filtered through the 3rd stage HEPA filtration. 

David's Vacumi VC3 Demonstration