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Bed Bug Removal

Dreamstate™ is an Australian-made bed bug-killing powder that allows you to rid your house, hotel, motel, or hostel of pests quickly and cost-effectively. Our bed bug treatment is a non-toxic mechanical pesticide created from the active constituent Amorphous Silica (Si02), approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority. Let’s discover together how to kill bed bugs with our product.

Important. This product is not a chemical pesticide like Permethrin, Sumithrin, Deltamethrin or Boric Acid. 

How to Remove Bed Bugs

The powder begins killing bed bugs by absorbing the waxes, moisture, and oil from the pest's cuticle. Rapid dehydration ensues, and the bed bugs die. Superfine particles follow up by abrading the bed bug's exoskeleton, causing erosion that completes their destruction and disintegration. Dreamstate™ offers a better solution to bed bug control over chemical pesticides because bed bugs do not wash their exoskeleton allowing a chemical pesticide to be ingested. More importantly there are many peer-reviewed articles available online explaining how ineffective chemical-based pesticides are for bed bug control and why you wouldn't want these chemicals sprayed in close proximity to yourself, your children or your pets. 

Advantages of Dreamstate™

Dreamstate™ is the number one tool in bed bug control and eradication globally. Learn its benefits:

  • It is a mechanical pesticide designed to kill adults, nymphs, and nymphs hatched from dusted eggs. The product is non-toxic, odourless, chemical-free, and safe around pets and children.
  • This product is suitable for treating bed frames, carpets, ensemble bases, bedside tables, wardrobes, lounges, seats, cracks, crevices, floorboards, skirting boards, pet rest areas, attics and more.
  • Many commercial operations use Dreamstate™ as a preventative measure by placing it around skirting boards and high-traffic sleeping areas. The powder remains viable for up to ten years when undisturbed, so you can leave it in place after the pests show no signs of activity for six weeks. It is long-lasting and works for years with one application.
  • It is more cost-effective than hiring pest control, especially since it’s a D.I.Y. application using the application lance.

How to Apply Dreamstate™

The best practice for applying the bed bug powder is to wear a mask and gloves during application using an application lance. Follow the instructions carefully and view the Dreamstate™ Safety Data Sheet. Learn some of the techniques for the best application.

  • Apply Dreamstate™ to cracks and crevices in bed frames, around bed bug barriers, underneath the edges of carpet, along skirting boards, in and around power points, behind artworks, and in voids of the wall or floor. Search for any areas where bed bugs could traverse or hide in the room.
  • When applying to power points, ensure you turn off the electricity at the mains power.
  • An application lance allows you to access cracks, crevices and wall voids and dispense smaller, more even amounts of powder with each squeeze.
  • Many hotels and commercial environments leave Dreamstate™ in place year-round along their skirting boards to avoid any future infestation.
  • Do not spread powder all over your floors and carpets. All this achieves is a mess. 
  • Check out our video below for more information on application. 

You can get back to dreaming once you’ve applied Dreamstate™ and it’s doing its magic. The product comes in different sizes: 100g for one to two rooms, 200g for up to four rooms, and 300g for up to six rooms. We sell the application cap and spear pointlance separately so you can enjoy a perfect night’s sleep.

Safety Information

Please read the safety material data sheet before use. You can find this  by using the below QR code, or by contacting us at

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