Bed bugs - what do bites look like, and how can they be removed from your house?

Perhaps it seems to you that bed bugs aren't your problem. However, these parasites can live in any home. Additionally, the risk of their occurrence is greater if you have pets. Therefore, it is better to know some basic information about bed bugs.

What is a bed bug?

Bed bugs are what are known as periodic parasites. Periodic parasites are those that only feed during food intake. In the case of bed bugs, food is the blood of humans and animals. Therefore, bed bugs do not need to be provided frequently. These parasites can survive without food for up to 9 or ten months. .

Bed bugs reproduce very quickly. One female bed bug lays two to ten eggs a day. The larvae hatch and mature within six to seven weeks. So, as you can see, bed bugs can swarm your home just like that.

How to recognize a bed bug?

Bed bugs are tough to spot but very easy to spot. These parasites reach a size of up to 5 mm. Their appearance is somewhat reminiscent of an apple stone. But that doesn't mean they're dark all the time! The bed bug is hard to notice because of its microscopic size. Bed bugs are mostly almost transparent. Their armour only turns dark when they eat.

What do bed bug bites look like?

Bed bugs often feed on human blood, so you should see when they attack and what a bed bug bite looks like.

Bed bugs most often attack when you sleep well. They are the most active between 1 am. and 5 am. Why is it like that? Because splashes to the human body are attracted by its warmth and exhaled carbon dioxide, as well as the smell it emits.

A bed bug bite is also tough to recognize. Bite marks can vary depending on a person's skin. Most often, however, red spots will appear at the site of the bite. It is worth paying attention to them and checking if they do not turn into lumps or bubbles after some time. It is most likely a bed bug bite if such a change occurs. Additionally, places after hiding itch.

The bed bug bite itself is painless because the bed bug releases a painkiller into the wound when they bite. After such a bite, the trace will usually appear after more than 24 hours.

Are bed bug bites dangerous?

You shouldn't be worried because bed bug bites are usually not harmful. However, after multiple bed bug bites, an itchy rash may appear on the skin. Such a rash is especially troublesome for children. In addition, scratching wounds can contribute to infection.

There is a slight risk that a bed bug bite can lead to more serious consequences. In very few cases, such a bite can lead to fever, urticaria, and general weakness after bed bug bites.

How to get rid of bed bugs and not get bitten?

Fortunately, there is an effective way to get rid of bed bugs. They are effortless; see for yourself!

Bed bug trap

If you have a bed bug problem in your home, you should have a special bed bug trap. The bed bug trap can be round or oval. The edges of such a trap are specially treated so that bed bugs can easily enter it. In addition, the inside of the trap has a very smooth surface. Therefore, the bed bug will not have a chance to withdraw from such a place.

Place a bed bug trap under each leg of the bed. This way, no bed bug can get farther than just into the trap. Don't worry about durability; these traps can carry up to 350 kg.

Powder for killing bed bugs

If you want to completely get rid of bed bugs, you should have a special powder for killing bed bugs. However, before you buy this type of product, consider the substances it is made of. To get rid of bed bugs, you should have a mechanical pesticide. Ensure that it is not a toxic powder and has the appropriate certificates. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your product is safe for people and pets.

How does the bed bug remedy work? Such a pesticide first absorbs all the moisture, oil, and wax. Consequently, the dehydrated bed bug dies. Then the substances contained in the powder erode the exoskeleton, which destroys bed bugs.

How to use powder for killing bed bugs?

Using the powder for bed bugs is very simple. It is enough to apply a small amount of the powder to the places where bed bugs are most common. You can apply the powder:

  • in cracks and gaps in the bed frame,
  • along the skirting boards,
  • in empty spaces of walls and floors,
  • under the edges of the carpet.

Remember that there is no point in pouring a large amount of powder. However, if you want to apply it accurately to various gaps, you can use a special lance.

What to do with the powder when the bed bugs are killed? It depends on you. Many people vacuum the powder and only use it when needed. However, it is recommended that you leave the powder on as part of the bed bug protection.

How do I know if I have bed bugs at home?

You may notice bed bugs in your home before they bite you. Tiny droppings are the first son that you may have a bed bug problem. You can observe them, for example, along the seams of the mattress. In such a place, small dark spots appear. You may also notice tiny spots of blood on the sheets. Blood spots are also a sign of the presence of bed bugs.

If you already have suspicions about the presence of bed bugs, there are several places you can check in addition. First, check for gaps in the bed, walls, and skirting boards. Be sure also to check the mattresses and headrests. If there are a lot of bed bugs in a room, you may also smell coriander.

Where do bed bugs come from?

Finally, we want to debunk the myth that bed bugs come from dirt. You can bring bed bugs home with used furniture or themselves or other objects. Bed bugs are often found in hotels, public transport, cinemas, and theatres. So as you can see, even in clean places, there can be bed bugs.

In summary, bed bugs can appear in any home. Although the bites of these parasites are usually not dangerous, it is worth preventing them. Therefore, everyone should stock a special powder for killing bed bugs. It's also a good idea to put pit traps under the foot of the bed. If your home has already appeared, the trap and a special powder will help you eliminate them. Finally, remember that fighting bed bugs takes patience.