How to get rid of bed bugs

How to get rid of bed bugs

Do you have a problem with bed bugs? Are you worried about hygiene in your bedroom? Or maybe you run a hotel or Air Bnb and must ensure that every corner is clean? Bed bugs can be anywhere, so today, we are giving tips on getting rid of them once and for all!

Why am I having a bed bug problem?

First, we need to debunk a myth. The bed bug problem is very embarrassing for one reason. Because there is a long-standing belief that bed bugs come from dirt; however, this is not true! Bed bugs can appear wherever there is a person. So even if your bedroom is clean, the bed bug problem can also affect you.

Bed bugs are microscopic parasites. They only feed on blood. Their favourite host is humans, but they will also not despise animals. That is why bed bugs go where humans live - they must have a place to feed. Moreover, there will be more when the first bed bugs appear in your home or hotel. Each female rump can lay several eggs a DAY. And from each of these eggs, another bed bug will hatch and mature after a few weeks.

I'm cleaning up, so why haven't I seen bed bugs?

So the question remains: how could the bed bug problem have escaped me? More than one person asks: aren't you cleaning that you haven't seen them? The answer is simple - bed bugs are almost impossible to see. A mature bed bug is approximately 5 mm in size. It's like seeing the stone of an apple. The bed bug is brown, oval, and has a hard shell. So it is tough to notice.

Moreover, bed bugs live in nooks and crannies. When they don't feed on blood, they hide in all sorts of places. These can be gaps in your bed frame, rug edge, or skirting board.

What about the moment when the bedbugs go to feed? Well, a bed bug that drinks blood becomes transparent. So you have no chance of noticing them. When they finish eating, their abdomen turns dark and swollen. So the moment of feeding is the only time you can see that dark dot on your body. There is, however, another problem. Bed bugs come out when a person is asleep...

How to get rid of bed bugs!

You can't get rid of bed bugs with regular cleaning. Vacuuming and traditionally cleaning the surface will do nothing. You have to kill bed bugs. Therefore, especially for you, we have prepared a guide on how to get rid of bed bugs.

You first need to know how to spot a bed bug problem. You already know that these little parasites are almost unnoticeable. However, other elements indicate their presence. The first may be tiny blood spots on the sheets. If you see small brown spots on the sheets, it means bed bugs are present. Also, check the surface of the body. Bed bugs bite in places exposed during sleep. They leave a tiny mark in the form of pimples. It is not uncommon for these little spots to itch.

If you are sure you have bed bugs in your home, you need to locate them. Unfortunately, this task is often almost impossible. However, you can make it easier to get rid of bed bugs with special bedbug traps - they are constructed, so the bed bug can easily enter but not exit. You place such traps under the legs of your furniture. The point is for the leg of the bed, for example, to be in the centre of the trap. It is best to place the traps under the foot of the bed, sofa, and armchairs. Thanks to this, you will catch active bed bugs. They will fall into traps when they go to feed.

Final step - how to kill bed bugs?

Did you trap bed bugs? Great! However, you still need to know how to kill bed bugs. Traps alone are not enough. There are still many bed bugs that have not fallen into them. They may, for example, live in bed crevices and other places. You also can't forget about the eggs that have been laid or the bed bugs that are just developing. When they mature, these bed bugs will also lay more eggs. As you can see, the problem is complex.

So, how to get rid of bed bugs to make them never come back? First, you need to use a specialised powder for blight. You sprinkle this powder in all possible places where bed bugs appear. It means you must spread it at the foot of all lounge furniture. You must also sprinkle the powder in every gap (floors, walls, furniture frames). Finally, remember to spread the agent on the edges of carpets and skirting boards.