What Are Bed Bugs? | What Do They Look Like?

What are bed bugs? What do bed bugs look like?

Bedbugs are about tiny insects that range from 1.5mm through to approximately 6mm in length, which is about the size of an apple seed when in the adult form, so you have a size comparison. These creatures belong to an insect family called Cimicidae.

Bedbugs are flat in appearance and may sometimes be mistaken for ticks, small cockroaches or carpet beetles. A blood meal is a bed bugs food source and just about all that they live for. This meal is taken from Humans and Animals, generally while sleeping.

Bedbugs are attracted by the elevated carbon dioxide levels in human respiration. They are good at knowing exactly where you are, and there is no hiding. They generally only come out of hiding between midnight and 5 am while you are in a deep sleep, they will feed and then go back to their hiding spot. Its not always the case as in some circumstances bed bugs have been found in all sorts of public areas like bus & plane seats, to name a few.

Adult bedbugs are reddish brown, appearing more reddish after feeding on a blood meal. Nymphs (babies) are clear in colour and look a much brighter red after feeding.

Bed bugs are unable to jump, hop, skip or fly (or it could be the end of the world), however, they can crawl rapidly, making them difficult to find. As a rule of thumb, if you can see bed bugs and find live examples in your bed, you have quite a problem on your hands. Many people get bitten by bed bugs and can never find them when they go searching, however they know that they are around somewhere.

Temperatures between 18-26 degrees Celsius are most suitable for bedbugs, and these temperatures will allow them to develop into adults most rapidly and produce up to three generations per year.
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