Pillow Protector

Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Pillow Protector and More

Protect your sleeping space from unwanted invaders with a pillow protector and a durable fabric shield for your mattress and you may unlock opportunities for a more restful night's sleep. At Bed Bug Wholesale, we know how difficult it is to feel comfortable in your bed when you're sneezing because of allergies or worried about hidden insects waiting to bite. It's why we've designed our innovative line of products.

The Importance of Using a Mattress Protector in Australia

Let's rewind for a moment — what's so important about protecting your mattress? Consider why our products are an essential investment:

  • It is one of the only ways to be sure that you can fully protect your mattress from the dangers of a bed bug infestation. Whether you're concerned about bed bugs arriving in your home or you've already faced an infestation in the past, you know just how draining and frustrating they are. Our zippered mattress protector not only keeps bed bugs and their eggs away from your mattress material, but they also stop dust mites.
  • Zipped mattress protectors such as our products control allergy symptoms and allow you to feel more comfortable in bed as a result. They repel dust mites, which keeps their droppings, a significant allergen, from accumulating in your bed. Already made from a hypoallergenic material themselves, Bed Bug Wholesale mattress and quilt protectors also won't contribute to aggravating your allergies.
  • Protect your mattress, an important investment, from the staining and damage that can result from incidents with incontinence. From young children growing through a difficult phase to seniors and those with medical concerns, everyone can benefit from the peace of mind that comes from having a discreet, waterproof barrier protecting the bed. Though easily removed and washed after an accident, it's best to use a regular mattress protector together with our products for a dual layer of protection that's easier to maintain.

Problems a Zippered Mattress Protector from Bed Bug Wholesale Can Address

These products simplify addressing issues such as:

  • The ineffectiveness of using a regular mattress protector on its own. These products don't form a complete barrier around the mattress, so little nasties can still find their way inside.
  • The discomfort or additional noise that often accompanies other solutions, such as plastic sheets. Everyone who's taken the time to explore these products in the past knows there's nothing as frustrating as hoping for a good night's sleep but experiencing endless crinkling from the sheets. Our zippered mattress cover relies on an altogether different material construction using a microporous material. You'll hardly even know the product is on the bed, so you can get back to dreaming.
  • The discomfort that comes from a mattress that traps too much body heat. Being too hot in bed is an unpleasant experience, especially during the summer months. There's good news, though: the Bed Bug Wholesale product design ensures that it does not unnecessarily retain heat. The tiny micropores in the material allow your mattress to "breathe" as well, helping moisture escape. The result is a product you won't even notice.

The Benefits of a Matress Encasement from Bed Bug Wholesale

What are some of the specific benefits our business brings to the table in offering products such as these?

  • We have products suitable for every size mattress, from the smallest cot to a king-size bed. At Beg Bug Wholesale, we've designed these solutions to comfortably fit all standard mattress by building in the ability to flex and stretch as needed.
  • We make purchasing easy and shipment fast. We have Afterpay options available for those who would like more time to pay so that your purchase fits more easily into your budget.
  • Looking for a solution not for the home, but for a commercial application? Bed Bug Wholesale is proud to provide access to bulk solutions for applications in spaces such as the hospitality sector. Easy to maintain and the ideal alternative to dealing with a potentially widespread bed bug problem, we can scale up easily to meet your needs. (Learn more about what to do if you're a commercial buyer.)

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your Duvet Protector

Stretch your investment: make your duvet protector last longer and deliver more satisfaction by using these tips.

  • Choose a quilt protector the will feel most comfortable throughout the year. Our different quilt cover options include a knitted jersey fabric, which is light and airy — perfect for summer. Likewise, our cotton TPU quilt cover will help you conserve heat and stay warm throughout the winter.
  • Periodically wash the cover. Place your duvet in a safe space, remove the Bed Bug Wholesale protective cover, and follow the washing directions on the tag. Even though it's already hypoallergenic, keeping it clean is essential for a long product life.
  • For maximum protection, use a duvet cover in conjunction with our zippered mattress encasements, an especially good idea for contending with incontinence. For bed bug protection, make the most of your investment by covering all the bedding materials you or your family regularly use with these products.

About Bed Bug Wholesale

At Bed Bug Wholesale, we know how much anxiety problems such as allergies and incontinence cause, not to mention the difficulty of dealing with beg bugs. After sourcing the right materials and developing effective yet comfortable barriers, we began offering them Australia wide. We ship rapidly, commonly achieving dispatch by the next business day. All orders over $50 receive free shipping — so why are you waiting? Get back to dreaming today. Have questions or concerns to address before you buy? Contact us now.