Transcript Of Pillow Encasement Video With Claire

Hello, my name is Claire, and I am so excited to share with you my experience with Bed Bug Wholesale's Pillow Encasements.

So as a busy mum of three, sleep is so important, and I have suffered from allergies my entire life. It's something I just thought I had to live with. I've taken allergy medication for as long as I can remember. Still, it wasn't until my children started waking up with itchy eyes, runny noses and some respiratory problems that I decided to do some research to see how I could make my home healthier for them.

And that is how I found Bed Bug Wholesale. And so, I will be trialling their pillow encasements over the next two weeks. I can't wait to share my experience with you, so let's get these unboxed and start.

Firstly let me tell you about the two available fabric options. The first option is made from 100 Okeo Tex certified cotton, meaning the fabric has been tested for over a hundred harmful chemicals. The cotton variation has been certified with a ~2.8 Micron pore size. It is perfect for keeping dust mites, allergens, bed bugs, and everything from entering and exiting your pillow. I found this super comfortable, and the quality, finish, and packaging are absolutely perfect.

The second option you have is a 90 GSM Polyester Jersey with a TPU lining adhered to the inside, giving it its waterproof ability. This fabric will still breathe and allows vapours to pass through. However, the pore size of this pillow cover is less than one micron which is going to stop any water molecules from passing. This system is just as effective for allergen

control as it is for protecting your pillow against saliva stains and just about anything else, and in my opinion 

it's perfect if you have an Airbnb. 

Pillow encasements are available in Standard - King - Euro - Body and V-Shaped pillow sizes. You can find all of the measurements online.

Installing these items is an absolute breeze. The encasements zip up completely, sealing the pillow on all six sides, and your standard pillow slip or decorative cover slides on top. I like that you only need to wash these encasements every 6 to 12

months when you wash your bed linen and decorative covers weekly. You can hot wash and tumble dry these in a warm setting, and the instructions here say not to use any bleach or oils, as you'll damage the lining. One handy hint is if you take your pillow and quilt to the laundry and unseal them here while you wash and dry your encasements to ensure you don't have allergens fall out onto your bed. Like any waterproof item, ensure this is dry internally before putting it back on your pillow.

Two weeks later, and you're probably thinking I look about 10 years younger and that is because I had a really, I feel really well rested, my children are less irritable, which is impressive, and a lot of that has to do with the fact that they're having an excellent quality sleep and some of those symptoms like the itchy eyes the runny nose has minimised and it makes complete sense, right, I mean your face is smooshed against that pillow, so if you're lucky eight hours a night and you're breathing in all of those dust 

particles and allergens, and I mean it's really quite gross. And I'm actually a little bit annoyed that it's taken me

this long to find a product and instead, I was just suffering thinking that this was just the norm, so, but I'm here and 

I'm delighted that I am; the products have been beautiful. 

Now I tried the waterproof pillow encasement as well as the cotton, now the waterproof one I did expect to be a little bit more uncomfortable or so loud and crinkly; however, I didn't find that at all. It was tranquil, it was really, really lovely, um, but by far my favourite was the cotton was super luxurious, really soft and um and adding the pillow encasements into my bedding regiment the benefits by far outweighs the cost because you cannot put a price tag on a good night's sleep.