Waterproof Mattress Protector

Making the Right Selection for a Waterproof Mattress Protector

A waterproof mattress protector can be an essential item in the home, but it should also be one that you rarely notice. For those facing concerns surrounding incontinence, it can be tough to have the confidence to go to sleep and rest easy through the night. The right products, however, make a big difference. At Bed Bug Wholesale, we've created a range of products, including mattress protectors and a waterproof pillowcase, which allow you to get back to dreaming!

waterproof mattress protector

The Importance of Using a Waterproof Pillow Protector

A mattress protector might make sense — but why should you protect your pillows, too?

  • Did you know that a pillowcase alone is not enough to protect your pillow from all the nasties that want to make their home inside where you rest your head? Think about it: most pillowcases are a thin material made from the same fabric as the set of sheets you use on the bed. That's not going to stop (house dust mites) from taking up their home inside the pillow material. When you sweat during your sleep, that moisture will soak into your pillow — it's why your old pillows might look stained or even yellowed. A waterproof protector such as those we offer will keep these problems out with ease.
  • Your pillow might be comfortable, but it could also be the reason why you can't sleep due to allergies. As mentioned, dust mites can easily inhabit your pillow just as many thousands of them can live in the average bed. Some 15% of people have an allergy to the waste dust mites leave behind. When dust mites and their waste products are right where you lay your head, it's no wonder you can't sleep! Get back to dreaming by locking them out for good.
  • Are you worried about bed bugs? You need to protect your pillows just the same as you protect your mattress and quilts from infestation. Our products use a material that acts as a virtually impenetrable shield to bed bugs and their eggs, so you don't need to worry about giving them yet another place to reside.

What Sets Bed Bug Wholesale Apart When You Want a Waterproof Doona Cover?

Protecting duvets and quilts from moisture and allergens matters, too. Here's why you should choose our business to protect your linens:


  • We've designed our products to be suitable for many scenarios, whether you're dealing with concerns about bed bugs, persistent allergies linked to dust mites, or regular incontinence. Keeping your doona in good condition without sacrificing its comfort is important, and we kept those considerations in mind while creating our products.
  • Flexibility is important to us too, so we've created doona covers in a variety of sizes to fit the most common sizes, from single to king. Not only does this make it simple to find the right product for a comfortable, cosy night's sleep in your bedroom, but it also simplifies the process of protecting beds in the whole house. Made from a hypoallergenic material, they're the perfect option for everyone sensitive to allergens that can gather on bedding materials, such as pet dander.
  • Our unique microporous material has gaps only two microns wide — too small for a bed bug or its eggs, and too small for even a dust mite to squeeze through to reach the doona inside the cover. For reference, a human hair is about 50 microns in diameter! Even with this tiny gap, the material we use remains highly breathable, allowing moisture to escape as needed and protecting the contents.

From our investment in micropore technology to our top-tier customer service, we're the ideal resource for these products.

Tips About Using a Waterproof Mattress Cover

After purchasing a waterproof quilt protector or one for your mattress, it's essential to know how to use it properly. Try these tips:

  • Take care to select a cover appropriate for your mattress, then apply it correctly. We use a zipper designed to act as a barrier to bugs, along with an additional flap that folds over the zipper to prevent any accidental exposure. Always ensure to fully zip the barrier for maximum effectiveness. With proper usage, you shouldn't need to remove the cover for washing more than semi-frequently or following an episode of incontinence.
  • Use another mattress protector of your preference atop our waterproof zippered mattress protector. This approach of doubling up is essential for creating the best barrier possible. Not only can you choose a mattress protector that makes your bed more comfortable, but now you'll only need to wash one item of bedding that you can remove easily. You can prolong the time between washes of your waterproof cover this way.
  • Pair your mattress cover with our other products, from a waterproof quilt cover to our zippered pillowcases, for a comprehensive hypoallergenic approach to your sleep space. Combining these products gives you the most robust level of protection you can achieve while making your bed a clean, comfortable space for you to relax at the end of every day.

What You Can Expect from Bed Bug Wholesale When You Order a Waterproof Mattress Protector in Australia

Your experience matters to us, so when you place an order, we offer:

  • Fast and free shipping. Orders placed before midnight Monday through Friday will almost always ship by 9 AM the next business day. When you need help from products such as ours right away, we aim to put them on your doorstep as soon as possible.
  • Discretion from start to finish. We understand the need for discreet shipping, especially for commercial orders, when you may not want customers to see these products coming in to your business. We use a generic black packing film, abbreviate our business name on shipping slips, and ensure you can take delivery without a worry.
  • Friendly, helpful customer service for whenever you have concerns. Don't hesitate to let us know if you've experienced any issues, such as damage in transit; we'll do our best to make it right.

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Why Bed Bug Wholesale is a Cost-Effective Option for a Waterproof Doona Cover

Feeling tired of replacing materials following incontinence, or don't want to deal with allergies exacerbated by your bed anymore? At Bed Bug Wholesale, we offer these high-quality products at a competitive price to restore your peace of mind. When the alternative is lost sleep and damaged linens, one long-term investment is the sensible choice. Shop now, or contact us with your questions.